Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Images Leaked

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

/ by Aman Banka

Details on the yet to be announced Galaxy Tab 3 recently began to leak, however it was not until today that we have seen any images. The images are a bit on the blurry side, however given what we see — it does appear as if Samsung is ready to not only announce, but release the Galaxy Tab 3.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Leaked Box
Speculation as to an announcement aside, one can see the pics showing the tablet in what appears to be retail packaging. Unfortunately we cannot make out everything included on the pic of the box. The tablet appears to have a model number starting with GT-P****, and while that would match up with Samsung’s patterns, it cannot be confirmed just yet.
Previous Galaxy Tab 3 rumors suggested that (similar to past history), we may see a 10.1-inch and a 7-inch model. Those details suggested the Galaxy Tab 3 was sporting a codename of Santos and that it would be available in four models — GT-P3200, GT-P3210, GT-P5200 and GT-P5210. That would imply two in the 10-inch and two in the 7-inch. Further breaking down into a cellular connected and a Wi-Fi only model. That said, going past that and we have also heard Samsung may not be releasing the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Inside Box
Otherwise, the only other spec that has leaked for the Galaxy Tab 3 up until this point was the 5 megapixel megapixel rear-facing camera. Bottom line here, assuming these images prove to be the real deal it would appear as if Samsung will be coming with an official announcement during Mobile World Congress, if not sooner.
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