HTC M7 to have a New Name, HTC One??

Sunday, February 10, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
HTC is set to unveil their new flagship, the HTC M7 at a press conference scheduled for February 19th. There’s not much left for the company to announce. We know almost everything about the new device. We were not, however, confident that HTC was going to call in the M7. Today, @evleaks on Twitter may have cleared that up for us today.

When we Posted about the Private Party Event of HTC, where Peter Chou was Chanting HTC M7! M7! M7! we also heard him Chanting HTC One! HTC One! HTC One!. We were that time Not sure that, was Peter Chou Screaming the Name of the Same Device?? HTC has had some success with the HTC One X. Evidently, they are attempting to piggy-back on that success by bringing the M7 to market as the HTC One. Maybe they are going to build a family of devices around the “One” brand. Samsung has done very well with their Galaxy smartphone line. HTC may just end up confusing everyone. Hopefully they’ll clarify things for us on the 19th Feb.
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