HTC Presenting Soon “A New Sound & Camera Experience in 2013”

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

/ by Aman Banka

We've been hearing a lot of details and leaks lately regarding the upcoming plans of phone manufacturer HTC. Most notably is their upcoming HTC M7 flagship smartphone set to be unveiled in mid February. Who doesn't love a massive infographic to help paint the picture and tease their upcoming device? Today HTC has posted quite the long infographic showing the history of photography – as well as what that means for HTC.
HTC Kicks Off A New Sound & Camera Experience in 2013
Yup, today HTC has just posted one called “A Brief History of Photography” complete with many ‘firsts’ in the photography world all leading up to smartphones. Things like their DROID Incredible being the first 8 megapixel smartphone on Verizon, or the HTC EVO 3D gracing the world with dual 5 megapixel cameras. And now they’re claiming 2013 they’ll have another first.

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As the image above suggests, HTC has promised a “New Sound and Camera Experience in 2013.” Basically claiming their new smartphone will bring an unparalleled and unmatched experience to the mobile landscape. They've already tried and failed with Beats Audio, but last years HTC One series had an amazing camera experience thanks to HTC ImageSense. Their chip and software dedicated specifically to the camera really made the One X shine, and we have a feeling Imagesense 2.0 will do the same for the HTC M7.

This will be called the “Ultrapixel” according to leaks. Earlier today we reported the new HTC M7 will feature a layer of 3 stacked 4.3 megapixel cameras with what they’re calling an ultrapixel camera. Rumors have been floating around that this new innovation will be one of the best selling points for the new HTC smartphone series, and will wow the customer. The device will be announced and revealed to the world on February 19th so stay tuned as we’ll have all the details live on the spot. Now I’m curious what new innovations they have added for sound.
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