A Truck full of 22,500 LG G2s worth $14 million stolen from Indiana

You read it right, a truck full of 22,500 LG G2s which were supposed to get headed to Sprint distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky has been stolen from Indiana, USA. LG G2 is company's latest flagship smartphone, and is doing great in the market, because of it's specifications and features, and most importantly, revolutionary rear button placement.


The story follows like this, at around 6:30pm a driver stopped at a truck stop in Gary, Indiana for a bathroom break and when he came back he found the vehicle missing. The cargo he was driving carried 22,500 LG G2s.

An LG representative has confirmed the same to CNET, and according to him, the damage due to this theft is roughly around $14 million, as an G2 costs $630 off-contract.

The Indiana and Illinois state police along with FBI have been contacted and an investigation has been launched. 

The question is that, what the hell one can do with so many G2s?

Source - CNET