LG’s wearable stylus for smartphones gets leaked online

The term wearable tech will definitely bring smartwatch to our thought instantly, but could it be a stylus? Well may be yes. LG appears to be striving to change this mindset as it seems to be working on a new kind of wearable technology. For now, we all know that LG has announced the G Watch, but that does not seem to be the only device in stock. 

LG's wearable stylus

As per notorious leakster @evleaks, the South Korean tech giant is working on a vibrant bendable wearable capacitive stylus. The specific details of this product are not known, but it appears to be the best accessory for the smartphones and tablets.

First looks of this product give a wrist band kind of impression, but it is to be noted that users can simply whip it to take notes on phones with large touch screens. Having a capacitive tip, the stylus can be used on devices such as iPad as well. 

Going by the image leaked by the Twitter user, the stylus will come in green, red and orange color variants and it could be the best solution for those phones that do not include a carrying slot for the stylus. While this idea of a wearable accessory could appear silly, it would be great if LG can include some sensors on it to make it double as a fitness tracker similar to Samsung’s S Band.

However, there is another clause that LG needs to look over and that’s none other than the pricing of this innovative wearable stylus. 

LG's wearable stylus

Post by Abhinaya Prabhu