Google’s Verify Apps now features constant on-device monitoring for additional security

Security and malware are issues of high concern in the Android world these days. Though these problems are minimal and can be prevented by basic precautions and care, there are many occurances of malware in Android. But, Google has taken steps to make its platform a secure one and now, there is an updated Verify Apps security scanner to ensure the same.

Google Verify Apps

Earlier, the Verify Apps feature scanned every app that is installed out of Play Store, but the update will make the feature capable of checking the apps constantly to ensure additional security. As of the apps in Play Store, there is an internal system that scans them.

The search engine giant elaborates that it is pretty rare to witness potentially harmful applications and the risk associated with the same is only miniscule. However, the company is putting in efforts to make its Android platform a safe one. This can be achieved with Verify Apps and the Android operating system can definitely be made a sager one.

The feature has been used more than 4 billion times to check apps at the time of install and is quite accurate with only a small quantity of 0.18 % of installs that have occurred after someone received a warning that the app was potentially harmful.

Google Verify Apps