Samsung Galaxy S Fitness, Galaxy Adore, Gear Clock and Galaxy V: revealed in trademark filings

Samsung is back in headlines as the world’s largest smartphone giant has filed trademarks for names including Galaxy V: (V Colon), Galaxy S Fitness, Galaxy Adore and Gear Clock. Only last week, the vendor had filed the trademarks for couple of them namely Gear Solo and Gear Now. U.S. Patent and Trandemark Office (USPTO) has revealed that Samsung has filed for these new trademarks and the Galaxy V Colon appears too weird.


While there are no details regarding their description, images or specs, the term Galaxy in names indicate that they would be based on Android, while the Gear Clock name is reserved for pretty much every possible gadget out there, including mobile phones, operating system software, MP3 players, smartwatches, watch straps, watch bands, electronic clocks and watches, and so on.

Again from the name, Galaxy S Fitness is likely expected to be integrated with the Gear Fit that is believed to be a RTOS fitness band therapy. On the other hand, the Galaxy Adore is guessed to be a stylish handset with more importance to aesthetics. The Gear Clock might be another-variant of Gear 2.

Anyways, filing trademarks does not mean that the firm will be releasing handsets using the same name. However, the Galaxy V: could pave way for more curiosity and we need to wait and see what Samsung has in stock.