Google details Android Wear in an introduction video, shows off Stacks, Pages and Replies

Saturday, June 21, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
Earlier this year, Google announced the Android Wear SDK and since then we have been witnessing details regarding the software. LG G Watch and Moto 360 are the first devices to be powered by Android Wear operating system. The Google Developers YouTube channel has uploaded a new video in which we get to see how the notifications and other specific parts of the software function.

Android Wear

A developer advocate at Google, Timothy Jordan showcases a slew of new features in Android Wear and all these are considered important to the consumers who plan to pick a wearable device. In the video, we get to see the details pertaining to Android Wear such as the functionality of notifications and extends to the other fine details that comes to the general user interface.

There are three notification forms in the device namely Stacks, Pages and Replies. Of these, Stacks groups the various notifications from a single app, Pages allows adding multiple info cards in a single notification and Replies lets users to respond to the notifications using the smartwatch. The video also demonstrates the focus on voice recognition feature that eradicates the necessity of typing and swiping.

Certainly, the Android Wear looks exciting and we will get to see more details on the software at the upcoming Google I/O Conference. Also, we will come to know about the final details of LG G Watch and Moto 360 that are based on Android wear and their pricing at the event. 

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