How to Recognize Sony Xperia Phones on Flashtool

Friday, December 21, 2012

/ by Aman Banka

Sony Xperia Series Phone comes with Bootloader System. Untill & Unless the Bootloader is Unlocked the Phones cannot get Rooted & due to that we can't Install the Custom Recovery & ROM's. There are many ways to Unlock the Bootloader of these Phones. But after Unlocking the Bootloader the Warranty of the Phone will be Lost.

Sony has Made a Public Bootloader Unlocker. To Unlock the Bootloader we will need the Special Key which Sony will give you via E-Mail.

For Unlocking the Bootloader there are Many ways like using FlashTool or Using Android SDK. To use Flashtool we need to first Recognize our Phone. 

This Post will Carry the Information on how to Recognize your Xperia Phone on Flashtool.

How to Recognize Sony Xperia Phone on FlashTool -

  1. First of all you need to Download the Latest Flashtool Version - Here
  2. Go to that site & Click on Installation & Choose your Edition [ Windows / Mac / Linux ].
  3. After Downloading Install that Application & Update the file if necessary.
  4. After Installing Open the Flashtool App.
  5. Connect your Phone to PC via USB Cable.
  6. After Connecting wait for the Flashtool show that your Device is Recognized.
  7. You can see your Phone Model on the "Connected Device" Log. [ See the Picture Below ].
  8. If you see in "Connected Device" your Phone Model. That means your Phone is Recognized by the Flashtool.

If your phone is Not Recognized by Flashtool that means you don't have Required Drivers Installed. Use the Below method to Solve this Problem.
  1. Open the folder /Flashtool/drivers & Install "ggsetup-".
If Still after the Above Process Flashtool doesn't Recognize your Phone. Use this Method.
  1. Open the /Flashtool/driver folder & Extract the "" anywhere on your PC/Mac/Linux. [ This Zip corresponds to your Phone Model. ]
  2. Now Open "Device Manager" on your PC/Mac/Linux & find the device which is with an Exclamation mark on it. [ Make sure your phone is Connected to the PC ]
  3. Right Click on that Device & Choose Update Driver.
  4. Choose to find the Driver Manually.
  5. Now Browse to the Folder where to have Extracted your Phone Model Zip File.
  6. This will Install the Required Drivers on your Computer.
  7. After that Open Flashtool Again & Try to Recognize your Device.
If Still you see any problem you can Comment Below.

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