HTC M7 Actual Photos with HTC Sense 5.0

Monday, January 21, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
The HTC M7 makes another appearance! Real photos this time, too. It looks quite a bit like the render that showed up on Pocketnow earlier this morning. We've got a new clock widget and some redesigned icons. There’s no official information, just these images.. [ Hover Mouse on them to view them Larger ].
HTC M7 Sense 5.0 Leaked Images HTC M7 Sense 5.0 Leaked Images

What is HTC doing, putting hardware buttons on this new phone? Google is phasing out hardware buttons. Jelly Bean doesn't require them, Ice Cream Sandwich doesn't either. And why switch the Home and Recent key? That’s just confusing. There are a few screen captures of what is supposedly Sense 5, as well.
HTC M7 Leaked Sense 5.0 HTC M7 Leaked Sense 5.0 HTC M7 Leaked Sense 5.0

There’s that new clock widget again, this time with what appears to be widget setup guides. They look similar to Windows 8 Live Tiles. We've seen some pretty convincing fakes in the past, so take these with a grain of salt. They look pretty legit to me, though. We expect an announcement from HTC about the M7 at Mobile World Congress next month.
Below are the Images of All the rest 3 Sense HTC used..
HTC Sense 2.0 HTC Sense 3.0 HTC Sense 4.0
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