Ubuntu Coming to Mobile Platform

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

/ by Aman Banka

Ubuntu ROM
In the Android world, picking the Right OS can be pretty easy. You want something simple, iOS. You want something a little more complex, but customizable to fit your personality. Yeah, there is those other ones, but we all know those two are the dominate forces in today's Android OS World. Looks like an old friend is going to make it’s way into this world now and you got to wonder if it will make any kind of a dent.
Ubuntu is ringing in the new year with the announcement of their beloved OS hitting mobile. Ubuntu has pretty much cult following when comes to desktop. Today a keynote was uploaded to YouTube introducing Ubuntu’s New OS. Lots of features to look at, and it is a pretty Awesome OS. Check out the below Video on Ubuntu & let us know what you guys think.
Ubuntu ROM

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