Sony “my Xperia” Remote Security Launched

Friday, February 1, 2013

/ by Aman Banka

Sony previously trademarked the term “my Xperia” and while it seemed logical to think they were planning to roll-out a service of some kind or another, it wasn't until today that we got that answer. In short, Sony has launched the my Xperia Remote Security Service. The one catch, Sony has launched it as a beta and as of right now — the availability is limited.
my Xperia Security Service
According to details coming from Sony, the my Xperia service (in beta form) is available for those in the Nordics. In addition to the limited market availability, Sony is also limiting the beta phase to “select” 2012 Xperia Smartphones. Looking past the beta phase and Sony has said that the service will roll out on a global basis during Q2 2013. That being said, while many of the Xperia users have some time, lets dive into what the my Xperia service offers.
my Xperia Security Service on Phone
In the simplest form, my Xperia is a tool that will let you remotely locate your lost or stolen phone. Some of the features include goodies that we have seen with similar services. For example, my Xperia will let you locate your missing phone on a map. You can also sound an alert (even if your phone is on silent), wake the display and send a message with contact details.
If for some reason those goodies were not able to help you get your phone back, you still have a few options remaining. Users will also be able to lock the phone to help keep any personal information private as well as erase the device. The device erasing includes the internal memory as well as any memory card that happens to be inserted. With that, Xperia users that worry about losing a phone — just try and keep it in hand for a little while longer and Sony should have you taken care of.
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