Nexus 4 Design Revamped, Changes Noticeable in New Deliveries

Saturday, March 30, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Recently MobiFlip, a German site posted some Images of New Nexus 4 with some minor Changes on it. Nexus 4, which was manufactured by LG is the best selling Smartphone. This Nexus device was Launched Last Year & got a lot of attention due to its Ionic Design & Features.

Google Nexus 4

According to MobiFlip, the new Nexus 4 Models have got some Nipples on their back. These nipple will make the device above the flat surface, so that the Sound can be heard clearly. These nipple are very small & are very useful. When you keep any device on a flat surface like on a Table, the speakers (if any) will be blocked and the sound will be not clear. Keeping this in mind, Google & LG have added very small Nipple at the bottom of the back part of Nexus 4. This nipples will keep the phone above flat surface & the sound will be clearly heard.

Google Nexus 4 Revamped

Google Nexus 4 Revamped

Not only the Nipples, the camera outer ring is also smaller than the previous nexus 4 design. There is no reason behind this change, though MobiFlip attributes the change to aesthetics. The Old Nexus 4 (right "Alt" ) in the below photo has a hardware revision 10, whereas the new Nexus 4 ( left "Neu") has a hardware revision 11. Since, its Version 11, the Camera may have changed a bit.

Google Nexus 4 Revamped
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