Android Key Lime Pie will be Missing in Google I/O 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Google I/O 2013 is on its way, and side-by-side rumors from the Event are also Coming. Our last post featured about announcement of new nexus 4 & nexus 7 with Key Lime Pie on it, at Google I/O. But, Sadly according to PhoneArena, Google will not launch the next Android Version at I/O.

Android Key Lime Pie

They got the news from well known site, Gadgetronica. According to the Owner of that Site, he is clamming that Google will not launch Android Key Lime Pie during I/O Event. He Continued saying that, Android 5.0 is delayed by 2 to 4 months. The reason is to give popularity to Android 4.2.2. Google wants manufacturers to first publish Android 4.2.2 on their Smartphone & then Google will plan to launch Android 5.0.

Also, their will be no Motorola Device coming this Google I/O. Instead of that, Nexus 4 with 32GB & LTE with revamped design will steal the show. We are not sure that, will Google Launch the revamped Nexus 7 at I/O or not but their seems to be a possibility of Launching Nexus 4 at Google I/O.

As to that, Brand New Android Key Lime Pie & Google's Mysterious Motorola X Phone will be Launched later this year.
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