Motorola XFON images Leaked Online, is this the Motorola X Phone?

Friday, May 3, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Some alleged images of new Motorola AT&T XFON Prototype model images are leaked online by Evleaks (1 & 2). This Motorola model is named as Motorola XFON and has a codename Ghost. So, is this how Motorola going to spell their X Phone -- XFON?

Motorola XFON leaked images

We can't really see much of the actual phone, because it looks like it is covered with some cover, but according to PhoneArena insider, the images are indeed a real deal. The rear panel of XFON is the device itself & not the case/cover. The back is made up of polycarbonate material.

The phone seems to be headed to AT&T in United States and is running the Stock ANDROID ROM. The phone has been confirmed for release on Verizon and AT&T, but it will support all major carriers in US. The 'M' Logo at the top left defines that this is Motorola's Prototype Device, sadly we won't see this logo on the final device.

Motorola XFON leaked images

XFON will sport a 4.7-inch HD 720p Display, final version might have Full HD 1080p Display, 2GB of RAM with 32GB internal memory. The phone is running Stock ANDROID ROM and not the MotoBlur, but final model can have few customization.

Motorola XFON is scheduled for early July release. The specifications are just an assumption and can be changed later on. We can hear some different specs when the Final Device will be launched, so take them lightly. Last but not the least, Motorola XFON will be available in 20 color options.
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