Alleged images of 24-carat Gold HTC One Mini leaked online

It looks like it's not only HTC One to go Gold, but HTC One Mini is also following it's big brother foot steps, and now we have the first live images of 24-carat Gold plated HTC One Mini in action. Similar to gold edition HTC One, the upcoming gold HTC One Mini won't be sold officially by HTC.

Gold Plated HTC One Mini

This Gold version of the HTC One Mini is a custom gold plated edition, which means the back panel is plated with gold, made by a third-party jeweller. The pricing and availability details are not yet known, but we expect to here more in coming days. 

In addition, the HTC One gold edition is quite very different from Apple's iPhone 5s gold coloured version, and there are rumours that HTC will soon come out with a Champagne Gold coloured HTC One in coming weeks.

Gold Plated HTC One MiniGold Plated HTC One Mini

Gold Plated HTC One MiniGold Plated HTC One Mini

Source - GSMArena