Samsung Galaxy Round, Samsung's first flexible display smartphone with 5.7-inch unbreakable display to get announced this week

Flexible display smartphones were a dream few years back, and this dream is soon going to be a reality. We have already reported last week that Samsung will announce it's first flexible display smartphone this week, but the name of the device was missing, it was actually rumoured as Galaxy Note 3 Active. But, according to new reports and patent listing, this Samsung's upcoming flexible display smartphone will be called as Samsung Galaxy Round.

Samsung YOUM display mockup

According to Korean Media Asiae, Samsung will launch it's first curved display smartphone this week, with the tentative name Galaxy Round. This smartphone from Samsung could be the first commercially available phone with a plastic, instead of glass substrate, meaning the panel is much more durable, and will, ultimately, be cheaper to produce.

The same name was also found on United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) listing last week. Created on September 30th, the trademark grant includes the usual list of software and hardware Galaxy Round might be applied.

USPTO listing

According to RBMen, the Galaxy Round will come with 5.7-inch flexible OLED display, which will be curved along the sides. The smartphone is also rumoured to feature a Snapdragon 800 processor and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. S Pen compatibility is still a mystery.

Samsung Display is already mass producing this 5.7-inch flexible OLED display, and has started shipping it to Samsung Electronics. According to oled-info, this 5.7-inch panel will offers Full HD resolution, and is just 0.12mm thin, weighing only 5.2 grams. The display will be curved on the sides with a radius of 400mm.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Source - RBMen, USPTO & Asiae
Via - PhoneArena (1, 2), Sammobile & oled-info