Google Glass gets redesign and official accessory store, now to come with an optional mono earbud

Google has revealed the second version of Google Glass. This brand new second-generation prototype of Glass comes with minor changes, and the people who got early access to Google Glass will be able to get this redesigned Glass for free. In addition to the news, Nick Starr, an early Glass explorer has shared the first image of Glass Accessory Store, which was live until yesterday.

Redesign Google Glass

Google has shared two new images of Glass on Project Glass' official Google+ page, which reveals the new mono earbud, that will be plugged in the microUSB port present on the Glass with a cable and goes in the right ear. As soon as the swap program kick off, Explorers will have 60 days to make the change.

This new addition in Google Glass is optional accessory, and you can choose whether you want to use it or just use Glass as before. The new earbud comes in addition to the bone-vibrating speaker built inside Glass.

Redesign Google Glass

Coming back to another news, Starr got hold on the official Glass accessory store website yesterday. According to him, the store sells only four accessories for now, which include,

  • Extra Mono Earbud - $50.00
    Engineered specifically for Glass, the Mono Earbud provides high-quality sound for phone and video calls.

  • Clear Shield - $75.00
    Compatible with glass purchased after 10/28.

  • Extra Cable and Charger- $50.00
    Premium micro USB and charger designed specifically for Glass.

  • Extra Pouch- $50.00
    Designed to be both light and durable, take it with you to protect your Glass and its accessories. Japanese micro-fiber made from recycled materials
Glass Accessory Store

Via - AndroidOS & SMH