Google to launch a LG-made Nexus smartwatch this year at the I/O event

Google is planning to venture into as many as areas of technology as it can. The internet giant has announced its I/O event for June 25 and 26 and the event will play host to a Google smartwatch (will be probably called Nexus smartwatch). It will be manufactured by LG like the Nexus smartphones are.

The watch is being kept under a lockdown at the company's headquarters so as to ensure that the same does not leak. As per some people closely associated with the watch, an early prototype of the watch has a metal band and square display unit which was colorful. It featured a gradient background and had a masculine vibe attached to it. It was pretty similar to the Pebble Steel.

But now Google is believed to have settled down on a plastic band for the watch. It will feature a slew of gesture based controls and will come shod with a host of functionalities which will make it a complete companion for your smartphone. You won't have to take out your smartphone to see who is calling you or who just texted you and the likes. Features such as selection by tapping will also be present.

Designers from the Android team are also working on the smartwatch and the same will be promoted as an accessory to your Android device. It is also rumoured to get "Google Now" alerts which give you personalised information such as weather, stock updates, scores etc. I/O event is still about 4 months away and we can expect to learn about a host of new developments regarding the Google smartwatch.

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