HTC to manufacture the next high end Nexus tablet, Nexus 8 rumoured for end of April launch

HTC is turning around things in its camp and it is believed to have joined the race for manufacturing a Nexus tablet. The latest word on the block is that Google and HTC are now entering into a partnership again to produce a Nexus tablet which could be any of the three tablets that Google has plans on launching in future. It could be a Nexus 7 2014, Nexus 8 or even the Nexus 10 2014.


That is because the information which is available suggests that the product that will be launched will be a "high end Nexus tablet" and no further information regarding the same is available. HTC officials have refused to comment on the same and are trying to downplay the same. Lenovo is believed to be in the race for the same seeing the fact that it has now acquired Motorola and will become a force to reckon with in future.

Talking about Nexus 8, the tablet is expected to launch in later April as per the latest digitimes report. The Nexus 7 in its second generation didn't do as well as the Nexus 7 did in its first generation and that is being cited as the reason for the launch of the next generation of the tablet in an 8-inch guise.

But digitimes has not has a really great record when it comes to breaking smartphone and tablet news so do take this bit of news with a grain of salt. AsusTeK will also be contender for manufacturing the tablet seeing the fact that it has launched the last 2 Nexus 7 tablets.

LG and Samsung are also believed to be in the race but HTC is being taken as the front runner in collaborating with Google for launching the Nexus 8 tablet.