Flipkart to unleash its own branded smartphones following croma

In the recent times, smartphones are becoming a necessity more than luxury causing many companies in coming up with such smart devices to cater to the varied taste of consumers. It appears that the popular online retailer, Flipkart is also geared up to launch a new smartphone brand, notes a BGR India report.


As per the report, Flipkart has been involved in discussion with chip makers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek and Intel for the past couple of years. It also states that the online retailer has decided to unleash two smartphones in short notice with solutions from a chip maker from the ones mentioned above. Certainly, Flipkart has not revealed any information on which chip manufacturer it has tied up and we’ve got to continue our guessing work.

Flipkart is not the first e-commerce portal to sell its own branded phones as Tata Group’s retail arm, Croma already sells gadgets such as smartphones and tablets under its brand name. But if the report materializes, Flipkart will be the pioneer to do so without any retail outlets or stores.

Going by the report, Convergence Catalyst 2014 report notes that more leading e-commerce portals are also expected to unveil their own smartphone brand thereby bringing direct consumer contact and establishing strong brands. The report suggests that the online retailers have contributed a lot to the smartphone industry in India owing to their superior distribution channel, direct consumer reach and emerging brands. This way, the online retailers are preferred by the OEMs to release their devices exclusively.

On the other-hand, Medianama is reporting that, a Flipkart spokesperson has told them that they have no plans about launching smartphones.

Post by Abhinaya Prabhu