LG G3 is probably coming this July, camera sample leaks

LG is readying up its next flagship smartphone and the same has just been caught testing in the wild. It all started as a post on a message board by a prospective consumer if he should buy an LG G2 or instead wait for a G3. The G2 has proven its worth as an amazing device so the successor of the same is expected to come out later this year.


A member who goes by the name of “Geek” has posted a picture from the LG G3 and has stated that this is a picture taken from the camera of LG G3. He managed to get the picture from a friend who is testing the G3 for a carrier. A picture of a cat was posted online to showcase what the summer has in store for the consumers.

An inspection of the EXIF data showcases LG-D972 as the camera model. An LG device with the model number D972 popped up in January as well but we can't be completely sure about the same being LG G3. A zoom in to the cat's eyes didn't help either to see how the device looks from rear.

The user also stated that the camera from which the picture was taken looks identical to the camera unit of the LG G Pro 2. It is a 13MP unit which gets coupled with Optical Image Stabilisation Plus. LG G3 is expected to come out in July as per the user. The picture (below) has a dimension of 4160 x 2342 with a high level of detailing. LG can take a good long look at the Galaxy S5 and better its flagship to take on the Korean counterpart.

LG G3 camera sample