Google and Motorola reportedly working on a Nexus phone with a 5.9-inch display codenamed Shamu

Monday, July 28, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
The destiny of Google Nexus lineup of devices is clinging up in the air since the announcement of the Android Silver program. These rumors were taken to the next level with the speculations regarding the cancellation of the planned LG Nexus device that was denied later. However, there came a clear picture when Dave Burke stated in an interview at the Google I/O that the search engine giant will continue to invest in the Nexus program.

Google Nexus

Following this, it is clear that Google will be bringing Nexus devices this year as per its launch pattern. In addition to the already existing rumors of the HTC Volantis 8.9-inch tablet, it appears like the Nexus program will bring another device to the stores that will also arrive this fall with the Android L’s commercial release. According to Android Police, the other Nexus device will be made by Motorola and it is codenamed Shamu for now.

As per the report, Motorola is prepping the Shamu in collaboration with Google and it is supposed to target the US market predominantly followed by the other global markets. The handset is believed to arrive with a 5.9-inch display of unspecified resolution and a fingerprint sensor. Though it is not confirmed, it is expected to be released sometime in November.

As of now, the images of the alleged Motorola Shamu have not been leaked adding more authenticity to the report, but the handset has made an appearance in Google issue tracker. Anyways, we need to wait for more reports regarding the Motorola Shamu to surface online to know about it. 

Google Shamu
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