LG secretly shows off Active Bending dual-edge smartphone at CES 2015

This year, at the CES tech show LG came up with interesting details that has made the tech media awestruck. The South Korean tech giant launched its flagship curved display smartphone called LG G Flex 2. Not only that, LG also secretly showed off a prototype smartphone with a flexible screen that bends as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, but it is curved on both sides.

LG Active Bending

The display panel that was showcased by LG is a 6-inch one and it is called Active Bending Plastic OLED display that folds over the two edges. As it is an early prototype, the panel with dual edge has a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels only and it cannot be compared with the Quad HD panel on the Note Edge.

Anyways, we can hope for LG to improve the resolution and to steal the spotlight when it finally introduces the Active Bending technology in front of public.

With the rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge piling up the gossip lands we can expect LG to enhance its curved display panel and incorporate it in the LG G4. Here's hoping LG reveals more soon.

LG Active Bending