WhatsApp reported to be working on WhatsApp Web, upcoming voice call feature detailed

WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging platform has several downsides and the major one is its exclusivity on mobile. It appears like this situation is all set to change as there are reports suggesting that the firm is working on a web client that will enhance its adoption among users helping them switch between mobile devices and PCs.


Ever since the service debuted, WhatsApp has been working with a SIM card and not with usernames and passwords for the authentication purpose. This has been a restriction to use the service only on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones that arrive with voice calling capabilities. This is a setback for the notebook and PC users to use the messaging application.

Now, those at AndroidWorld have opened the applications version 2.11.471 APK to find mentions of WhatsApp Web that could be the web client version of the messaging service. This way, WhatsApp users can make use the service by simply logging on their PCs. This hints that logging in to WhatsApp desktop client, web.whatsapp.com will not require a Facebook login (though it is a part of Facebook). It appears like the service will use a similar method as logging into Telegram that requires the user’s phone to verify identity, but with QR codes and not text messages.

In addition, another AndroidWorld report has revealed interesting screenshots that show new voice features of WhatsApp. There will be two main builds of the Android version and one will be available on Play Store and the other one will be listed on the company’s official website. Reportedly, the latter would be getting updated frequently as it is a direct version, while the Android version will be in the making as they would be hidden for testing reasons.

From the screenshots, it appears like the upcoming version of the app will be including new secret screens for future voice calling. These screenshots make it evident that voice calling feature in the making, though it remains unconfirmed. It also appears like the voice calling feature is a separate functionality from the chat feature. There are different screens to handle dialing, call logs and mandatory contact screen and call status.

Of course, there should missed call notifications that could pop in the chat screen as a screenshot suggests. Another feature that is likely to be included in the next version of WhatsApp would be recording and playback of calls, which is a bonus.

However, there is no specific timeline on when the impressive WhatsApp features will be rolled out. Facebook has made it clear that it does not want to monetize on WhatsApp and that it will be an ad-free application. This hints us that WhatsApp could be free at least for a year as it is now.

Anyways, in India, WhatsApp remains free for lifetime as the firm is targeting a wider user base and for the reason that penetration of credit card is still in infancy.