Upcoming Android M version reported to be integrated directly into cars

While it has been only months since the commercial availability of Android Lollipop, Google appears to be all set to prepare the layout of the next iteration. Likely to be called Android M, the next version of the operating system is claimed to let drivers to enjoy the benefits of Internet without plugging in their smartphones to their cars.

Android Auto

If this report turns out to be authentic, then it will be a major step taken by Google from its current Android Auto software. All that it requires is a phone to be plugged into a compatible car with inbuilt screen to access the streaming music, maps and other such content. It also reported that the first such vehicles with Android Auto on-board will be launched sometime later this year.

However, Google has not provided the details or the exact time-frame for its long term plan about Android Auto directly into cars. But, it appears like now the firm is all set to roll out the same alongside its next version of the platform called Android M. Two anonymous sources familiar with the plans of Google claimed these details.

Also, Thilo Koslowski, vice president and Automotive Practice Leader of industry research firm Gartner noted that this integration will provide "a stronger foothold for Google and help it be a part of the vehicle than being an add-on". However, he noted that he is not aware of Google’s plans in this segment.

If this move turns out to be true and successful, Android would definitely become the standard system that will power car entertainment and navigational features and it will contribute to solidify the position of Google in a new market where it can compete with arch rival Apple Inc.

Of course, Google would be facing some technical and business related challenges in convincing car makers to integrate its services tightly into vehicles. However, Google has declined to comment on this report and hence, it remains unknown if the firm is working to integrate its services with cars without the necessity of a smartphone.