Upcoming Android N update to bring redesigned home and navigation buttons

Google is redesigning Android home and navigation button, again. The new buttons are opaque and has animation in them.

Friday, June 24, 2016

/ by Aman Banka

Just recently we shared leaked specifications of the upcoming HTC-made Nexus device, codenamed Sailfish. Now the same source has revealed another major news about the upcoming Android N update. As per Android Police (referred as AP further) report, the appearance of the navigation bar in Android N will change from what it is now.

Reliable source of AP reveals that Google is doing makeover of navbar in Android N.

Android N Easter Egg - Download

Talking about the new design, there will be a new multi-colored home button that animates in some fashion. The animated home button is responsive when long-pressed, “with various colors expanding in their corresponding directions until they all file out horizontally,” explains AP.  The animation does make sense for launching Google Now on Top. 

The image below shows how the new navbar will look like. Another thing to note is that all the keys are now opaque. 

Redesigned Navbar Mockup - Download
AP report that the design may not be final, and just be a design exploration by Google. Google can change the design plan as and when necessary. It is possible that this new design is in plan right now, and at the time of release Google ditches this design.

At this point-of-time, it remains unclear whether the newly-designed navbar (pictured above) will be exclusive to the upcoming HTC Nexus phones, Marlin and Sailfish, or if it will be an unique experience to Nexus and Pixel devices in market that will be part of Android N update, or whether it will be part of AOSP and be available to all Android devices running on Android N. 

Stay tuned with us, we will update the post as soon as we learn any new information.

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