All Top New Features of Android 7.0 Nougat

All Top New Features of Android 7.0 Nougat

Monday, July 4, 2016

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Android 7.0 Nougat
We have all seen Android grow from scratch to literally everything. There was a time when no one even knew about the existence of Android. Now, majority of us are seen with an Android smartphone. This was possible only because of the smart and innovative work by the folks at Google. Everyone noticed the huge step-up in the development of Android after the success of Android 4.2 JellyBean. Google launches a new version of Android every year with new features and improvements. 

This year again, Google is here with a new version of Android officially named "Android 7.0 Nougat". I know everyone was really rooting for it to be "Nutella" rather than anything else (including me), being favorite of almost everyone worldwide.

Anyways, keeping all those things aside let's look at all the features and improvements Android 7.0 Nougat is bringing along.

Multi-Window (Finally!!)

All the Android enthusiasts have seen several OEMs like Samsung and LG adapting Multi-Window feature in their own modified version of Android, which made many users envy, that were having a device from the nexus line-up or any other such OEM products. Google has finally included the multi-window mode support in Nougat.

But don't get too excited about this, as developers will have to add support for multi-window into their apps. After doing that, Android 7.0 will manage the rest on its own. This means users now won't have any excuse to chose OEMs over the ones that include stock Android.

Android Nougat Multi-Window

Bye Bye Bloatware!

Yes! It's official. Vendors now do not have to include all the Google apps as a standard rule stated by Google. This means, apps like Google Newsstand, Google Play games and many other such apps, that do not really see the light of day on your phone, will not be pre-installed to hog on that memory of your device.

Doze Mode

Google had introduced a new way of saving battery in Android Marshmallow named "Doze." It basically made your phone go to a "Deep Hibernation" state when the screen is off and the phone is stationary for a certain period of time. Now, the doze mode will work in a two way manner. First, the doze mode will kick in the moment your screen goes off, regardless of it being stationery. Second, the same as it was in Marshmallow, but only improved.

This means, there maybe a chance that our phone might hold up for more than a day's usage.

Revamped Settings

The settings menu has completely been redesigned. In the developer previews, the only change from that of the previous versions were, more information regarding the sub-menu below its name. 

But now, there is a complete hamburger button or say, a sidebar at the left in order to access the sub-menu of the settings. This a much welcomed change to the interface as it does look better than the previous iterations.

Quick Settings Control

We have noticed this feature too in certain custom ROMs and other skinned versions of Android from certain OEMs. The ability of editing the placement of toggles in the quick settings is really a useful feature. Luckily, Google is learning (better late than never). Nougat will have this feature too. Not only will you be able to chose which toggles to show but their placement too in the quick settings can be changed.

Revamped Recent Apps UI

Over the past versions of Android, we have seen some really good and convenient changes in the recent apps UI. This time the changes are again really thoughtful regarding the convenience of the users as the cards that show the recently opened apps have been made larger than before making it easier and better to switch between apps while multitasking.

That's not all, a "Clear All" button (about damn time!) has finally been included at the very start of the recent apps page which will clear the recent apps list in just one tap.

Improved File Manager

We all love how Android let's us control our data. But that is not really the case with the stock Android. The file manager provided in it has so many restrictions that it hardly is a "File manager" for that matter. This is one of the major reasons why users have to rely on third-party file managers rather than the stock one. But that might not be the case in Nougat since Google has taken the step of improving that too by adding more functionality to it.

But obviously, users who want to perform operations on root level (tinker with the system apps and stuff), then you will still have to opt for those third-party apps you have been relying on till now.

Night Mode

We have all been expecting this feature for quite a while now. It appeared in the developer preview versions of Marshmallow itself, but was never included in the official version at all. So, Android Nougat includes the night mode feature this time around. It has already been implemented on several custom ROMs including the Cyanogenmod. Mind you, this is different from the Dark theme for Android OS that surfaced in both-developer previews of M and N.

Change DPI

There are many third-party apps that allow the users to change the DPI of their smartphones (making the device think that it has a bigger or smaller display), but only the rooted ones. Now, in Nougat, this is a system-level feature. However, it is limited to only three apps at the moment i.e. messaging, app drawer and settings. You can access this feature from Settings > Display > Display sizes.

Emergency Information

Google has added another new feature to Nougat. This lets you save your personal information that can be useful at the time of some medical or accidental emergency. This info can be accessed by anyone by going in the emergency call from the lock screen and then by tapping emergency info. It can be configured by the owner by going to Settings > Users > Emergency information.

Pinning Apps

Now, we all love sharing stuff with our friends and family on the social media these days. And the source of that muse can be anything from a post on Facebook to a webpage on the internet. But whenever you tap that share button, a page pop-ups with all the apps you can share it on. This makes it a little hard for the user sometimes to find the right app on which they want to share that material. Well, worry no more, Google has added the feature of pinning the apps you use regularly to share such stuff, so that every time you try to share anything, those apps will show up first.

Improved Performance

With every iteration of Android its performance just keeps getting better and better. Dare I say, I found Marshmallow to be the best performing version of Android till date (that's just me, you obviously might think otherwise).

The all new Vulkan 3D graphics API has been introduced in Android Nougat this time to improve the gaming aspect as it has a much lower CPU overhead than that of OpenGL and allows the developers to pack a lot more graphical detail into one frame itself. The gaming enthusiasts are very much aware of the magic that Vulkan API shows in running some amazing game titles on the PC like the newly released "DOOM".

The JTI compiler has also been introduced to speed up the apps installation time by 75 percent as it reduces the compiled code size by 50 percent.

So there you have it. If you think we missed any features or improvements, please let us know in the comments section below.

 Image Credits  PhoneRadar, DigitalTrends

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