How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Dous

Saturday, December 22, 2012

/ by Aman Banka
Samsung Galaxy S Duos is a spiced up version of the original Galaxy S series and as the name suggests, is a dual SIM device. The phone runs on a 1 GHz single core processor, which is slightly disheartening given the fact that at Rs. 15,000, a lot of devices boast of dual core processor. Still, the phone is quite smooth and runs Android v4.0 nicely.

Samsung Galaxy S Dous

Disclaimer: If you are new to Android, read this information about rooting first before proceeding with the article. Rooting the device will void the manufacturer's warranty. No one else, except you, will be responsible for whatever happens to your device. In rare cases, your phone might be soft-bricked which can be fixed with a little hard work from your side. In even rarer cases, your phone might be hard-bricked.

Without wasting your precious time, let's quickly jump to the rooting tutorial:

  1. Download the Samsung Galaxy S Duos Rooting from here or here.
    This file contains almost everything you will need to get through the process and is of 11.46 MB in size. Won't take too long to download, right?
    The File Carries 5 Additional .zip files.
  2. Extract the Downloaded zip file & then Extract the "" file anywhere you want. [ DO NOT EXTRACT ANY OTHER FILES ]
  3. Now connect the Phone to PC & Copy the "" file inside your SD CARD.
  4. Now Disconnect your Phone from PC.
  5. Install the drivers for your Galaxy S duos using KIES.
    If you don't want to install full KIES just for installing drivers, download this to install the drivers.
  6. Power off your device as you have to go to downloading mode.
  7. After your phone has switched off, press Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously until the Samsung logo appears on your device.
  8. A warning will appear on your device. Read it if you wish. Press Volume Up to continue to the downloading mode. You should see a screen with "Downloading" written on it alongwith some other stuff.
    See this video if you can't get the above steps to work, or just to confirm that you have done it right.
  9. Connect your phone to the PC using USB cable. It should detect your device as you have installed the drivers in step 5.
  10. Now Open the "Odin.exe" file. ODIN should detect your device on any of the COM ports. You should now be rolling your eyeballs on a screen that looks something like the below one:

    Samsung Galaxy S Dous Odin Step
  11. You will be seeing various boxes: some checked, and some, obviously, unchecked. Tick or untick them so that:
    F. Reset Time is ticked.
    Auto Reboot is ticked.
    PDA is ticked.
    All other boxes should be unticked.
  12. Click on PDA under the Files (Download) section in ODIN and browse to "recovery.tar" file. You will find this file in the extracted rooting kit.

    Samsung Galaxy S Dous Odin Step
    1. Remove the back cover from your device before you follow the next step. This is required as you will need to remove the battery with a perfect timing, after you complete the next step.
    2. Click on start. Let ODIN complete the flashing process. Don't interrupt the process. A green bar will tell you the progress of the operation. When the green box in Odin window shows "Pass", your phone will start a reboot.
    3. It's time for you to jump into action. When the phone reboots, a vibration will signify that the phone has shut down completely, and is ready to boot up again. That's what we've to prevent. "Just as the phone vibrates, remove the battery". We prevented the phone to boot again as this would've triggered the script to re-install the stock recovery.(which we don't want!) You can disconnect your phone from the pc now.
    4. Put your Battery again & boot into clockworkmod recovery by pressing Volume Up + Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously till the Samsung logo appears followed by the CWM screen.
    5. Your normal touch input won't work here. Press Volume up to scroll up and Volume down to scroll down. Home button is used to select while power button will take you a step back.
    6. Scroll down to Backup & Restore and select backup. Let the backup process complete. Make sure you have atleast 2 GB storage free in the external sdcard before performing the backup.
      Note: If you want to unroot later on, boot into CWM and restore this backup. Then flash "Stockrecovery.tar" file (present in stock recovery) using Odin, the same way you flashed recovery.tar in step 12.
    7. Go to Install Zip from sdcard option and select "Choose zip from external sdcard". Finally select the "" and browse through the long list of "No" to select the only "Yes" option to install superuser to your device.
    8. Go have some celebrations as you have reaped the hard work you have done. Now enjoy superuser powers on your phone once you reboot it.
    Proceed below only if you want to have a permanent Clockworkmod recovery.
    1. Once you reboot your device and later on try to boot into recovery at some point later, you will notice that your stock recovery has replaced cwm. What actually happened is that a file named present in your phone overwrites the cwm recovery with the stock one and so, you are not able to get a permanent cwm recovery. So, to prevent this, we shall disable the file.
    2. You can do this only if you have attained superuser permissions. Open Root Explorer or any other file manager that can handle root permissions and go to the folder /etc, a file named should be present there.
    3. Rename to and perform the steps numbered 9 to 14 once again. You don't need to pull out the battery this time during the reboot, as the stock recovery won't be able to replace the clockworkmod recovery on its own.
    Proceed below only if you want to remove the yellow triangle that appears on boot
    1. Perform steps 9 to 14 once again, but instead of flashing recovery.tar, flash the file named stock-recovery.tar Please note that this would remove clockworkmod from your device and the backup you took via cwm in step #18 won't be usable anymore.
    This Rooting method originally appeared on XDA, just like most other useful stuff.

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