LG Mobile Posts MWC Teaser on YouTube, Unlimited Possibilities

Friday, February 8, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
LG Mobile dropped a little teaser on their official Facebook page on 6th Feb. That teaser was in image and text form and was throwing around some fancy sounding terms such as a “new series” of mobile phones that would be arriving with an “unexpected distinction.” And well, it looks like LG has since released a Mobile World Congress teaser video as follow-up.

LG Unlimited Possibilities
After teasing us to expect a new smartphone series, LG Mobile now wants us to get excited about its next breakthrough product via a teaser video that was posted on YouTube yesterday. The video, which contains only buzz words and tall promises, haven't really revealed anything.

LG Video Teaser

LG Don't miss it
We haven’t really seen any leaks or rumors  about this LG breakthrough product till now, so unless LG was able to keep a tight lid on it, we are going to be disappointed. Company has already announced LG Optimus G Pro and there is not really any device, which LG might unveil at MWC. May be, we will see a new tablet from the company or The New Smartphone Series?
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