Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Images Leaked Online, Shows Off New TouchWiz

Friday, March 8, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
There is less than a Week Left for the Announcement of Galaxy S4 in New York, and the Rumors & Leaks are on the top. Till now, there are many rumors about the S4 like, it will have Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Exynos 5 Octa Processor, AMOLED Screen and lots more. There is a Big List of Render Images too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Render

Coming back, Recently one of the TechSite named "GSM-Israel" have got some Exclusive Images of Samsung Galaxy Home Screen & New TouchWiz. The Images shows that Samsung has revamped the old TouchWiz & has made a Sexy TouchWiz which will make Galaxy S4 Looks Gorgeous.

No one can Confirm that are these images really from Samsung Galaxy S4 or Just a New Photoshoped Image. But still it is believed to be True. After Observing the Images, we can Confirm some of the Specs & Features of Galaxy SIV.

The images shows that S4 will have a Transparent Status Bar in New TouchWiz & there are some Major Changes in Settings Section too. We can see that the New Smart Screen Section has White Background with new On-Off Buttons. Not only the Smart Screen Section, but also the Setting Section has been Changed.

Some new Tab's are Added in Setting Section like, Connections where all the connectivity settings will be there. Next comes that My Device Tab where you can customize your Device & then the Accounts & then some more Tabs.

There are some More Images, where we have the Info about the Specs & Features of Galaxy S4. The Image Shows these specs -

  • Screen -
    • Resolution - 1920x1080p
    • Density - Incredible 480PPI
    • Size - Estimated 5-inch
  • Processor - 1.8GHz Quad-Core ARMv7 Processor
  • Camera - 13MP Full HD Camera

All the Images are posted below, just click on them to View it Larger. Considering these Specs, Galaxy S4 will surely beat Xperia Z & HTC One.

We have only 6 days left for the Official Announcement and For Sure there will be many Images to appear Online before the Launch. We just hope to see the Official Design of Galaxy S4 before Launch. Stay Tuned for More Info.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ScreenshotSamsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy S4 ScreenshotSamsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot

Credits - GSM-Isreal
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