Samsung will be Adding Smart Pause & Smart Scroll Feature in Android 4.2.1 JB Update

Friday, March 8, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Our previous post showed off about the Smart Scroll Feature, which will be added in Samsung Galaxy S4. This new feature is the latest Invention from Samsung. There are many new rumors coming about Galaxy S4 from last few weeks. And sadly none of the rumors are getting Confirmed. Following that, there is new Rumor about the addition of 2 New Features in Samsung's Next Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Update.

The Recent Rumors from Sammobile are saying that, Samsung will be adding the "Smart Scroll" & "Smart Pause" feature in next Android Version Update. This New Features will come in Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Update. Not only that, we previously got the News that Only Galaxy S4 will have the Smart Scroll feature, but later on Sammobile got some Leaked Images from Galaxy S3 having Firmware of Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean on it.

Samsung Smart Screen SettingsSamsung Smart Scroll Settings

The Images clearly shows that Samsung will add these new features in the Next update. But, we can't confirm this news at this time. The post will be Updated as soon as we get some more news. Below is the full description of what "Smart Scroll" & "Smart Pause" are.

Smart Scroll - 

It can be easily understood from the name that Smart Scroll will have some new Scrolling Technology in it. Above image will help you out for knowing about this feature. This new feature can be Turned On & Turned Off, according to your need. You can also set the scrolling speed & can Turn On or Turn Off the Acceleration too. 

Samsung Smart Scroll Speed SettingsSamsung Smart Scroll Acceleration Settings

Smart Pause - 

Coming on to Smart Pause feature, this feature will help you pause the scrolling feature when you move your head away from the screen. Not only that, it will pause the Videos too when your head is moved away from the Screen.

Looking at these features, Samsung's trying to make our Life style more Easy. No need to touch the screen for scrolling or to pause the video. Just Turn On the "Smart Scroll" & "Smart Pause" feature & yeah your life is now easy. We hope to get some more new news about these features soon. Hope for the Best. Till then wait for 14th March, the date when Galaxy S4 will be Announced... Wohooo!!
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