Samsung Galaxy Camera NX Confirmed, Images Leaked Online

Thursday, June 13, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Samsung CEO Jk Shin has confirmed that the company will be announcing the Next Generation Galaxy Camera later this month at Samsung Premier 2013 on 20th June in London, reported Korea Times. After reading this, it looks like the rumours of Samsung Mirror-less Galaxy Camera is true after all. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera NX Leaked Image

This next-generation Galaxy Camera was previously rumoured to be pronounced as Galaxy Camera 2, but according to recent leak from TechTastic, it is confirmed that Samsung will name the upcoming Galaxy Camera as Samsung Galaxy Camera NX.

The device will have EK-GN120 as its model number, where GN stands for Galaxy NX Camera. Looking at the leaked image above, it is clear that this Galaxy Camera NX is made from Plastic and looks Awesome. The Galaxy NX is rumoured to have a 20.3MP camera. Not only that, this Galaxy Camera won't be cheap at all, it will cost above 1000 euros which is approx more than 77,000 Indian Rupee. Some other thing which are included on this Camera NX are, optical viewfinder, changeable lenses and simcard slot for fast charing.
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