Motorola Droid MAXX Image Leaked, Droid RAZR Ultra and Droid RAZR Ultra M Coming Soon

Saturday, July 6, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Everyone must be knowing about reinvented logo of Motorola, which is now "a Google company". The new logo is colourful and shows 12 different colours with a nice looking Motorola "M" Logo. A sudden change in logo could be due to the invention of some new Motorola handsets, which will be available in various colour options. According to serial leaker @evleaks, Motorola will be soon announcing three new devices for Verizon in coming weeks. Dubbed as Droid Ultra, Droid Ultra M (M might point towards a mini version) and Droid MAXX, the smartphones are new to everyone.

Motorola New Logo

Motorola is currently busy with their Moto X, which is going to see an official announcement later this month. The Motorola Droid Ultra was recently spotted on Motorola's official web site in a placeholder page. The page gave some information about the body and design of this upcoming Droid Ultra, "Available in a bunch of glossy colors, this high-grade DuPont™ Kevlar body proves you can be even thinner and still be tough as steel."

Motorola Droid Ultra Placeholder Page

The placeholder page clearly gave some hint about the thickness, colour options and Kevlar Body of the Droid Ultra, but unfortunately the specs listed seem to be nothing more than a copy-paste job of the RAZR M's specs (since it's a page under construction). Still, the listing confirms that, there actually is a real Droid Ultra on the way with its mini version.

Talking about the newly leaked image of Droid MAXX, the device is very new to everyone. Evleaks, as usual, has shared the press render of this upcoming Droid MAXX on their twitter profile. The device is speculated to be the extended battery version of the rumoured and leaked Motorola Droid Ultra.

The image shows that the device will have 3 capacitive buttons rather than on-screen button with Kevlar body. The image also shows a front facing camera which is placed right beside the front speaker with power/lock button and volume rockers on the left side of the device. 

Motorola Droid MAXX Press Render

Just for your information, the upcoming Droid Ultra M will hold XT1030 as its model number with Droid Ultra carrying XT1080 and XT1080M will have Droid MAXX as its owner, plus the XT1060 will be the upcoming Moto X. The specifications are not yet disclosed, but we expect to see some more information regarding all these upcoming Motorola handsets by tomorrow.

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