HTC teasers hinting towards the launch of HTC One Max, Big Things Ahead. Here's To Change.

Friday, August 9, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
HTC has started teasing the upcoming HTC One Max on their social media channels. The teasers were first uploaded on Instagram and later uploaded on YouTube. The teasers shows a helicopter landing on a rooftop helipad while HTC put up a caption that reads "Big things Ahead." Although, the teasers do not reveal any information regarding the launch date, but features the HTC One Max in some of the frames. 

Here's To Change

In addition, when the video is at 14 second clip, the HTC logo is revealed to stand for Here's To Change and Happy Telephone Company. HTC has also added a page on their official website titled "HTC Generator", which shows a Here's To Change button, and when clicked, the generator generates random HTC full form. You can try this amazing generator by clicking here.

The launch date of the phablet is not yet revealed, but given the Note 3 and Sony Honami launch on September 4, HTC might plan to launch HTC One Max before them at an private event.

Some of them believe that the videos aren't related to phone at all and that man coming off the chopper is HTC's new pitchman, Robert Downey Jr. While the others believe the videos to be the teaser of upcoming HTC One Max. Whatever it is, we might hear some or the other news from HTC soon.

Here's To Change

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