Google's revamped logo spotted in latest Chrome Beta APK, switched from 3D to flat (update)

Look's like Google is planning to release the revamped version of it's logo soon. First spotted by Ars Technica, the revamped Google logo was found hidden in the latest version of Chrome Beta for Android. The new Google logo image was briefly being used for the new tab page and before someone noticed and it was pulled down. Later on, the same image was spotted on company servers, confirming the above. You can find those images here (old, new).

Google revamped logo

You can see the comparison of old and new logo above. As you can see in the image above, the new Google logo is flat and all the beveling and shadows are gone, and the colours have been tweaked from their traditional primary colour pallet to more muted shades.

The new logo is much much better than the current logo, and now everyone is just waiting for the search giant to announce the new logo. To remind you all, this new Google logo would become the company's first logo redesign since 2010

Update: No. It turns out that Google is not changing the Logo. This logo is used by Google for printed promotional materials. The same logo can be found on official Goople Apps icons & logos section, here.

Via - AndroidOS