Android 4.4 KitKat update for LG G2 scheduled for Q1, 2014, near the end of March

It has been five weeks since Google announced the Android 4.4 KitKat. During this time, lot of OEM's revealed their 4.4 update plans for their flagship smartphones, but sadly, LG was the one who didn't uttered a single word. But, according to Mobile Syrup who contacted the Canadian branch of LG, LG G2 will be getting the KitKat update in the first quarter of 2014, in other words, near the end of March. 


The company is said to provide the build of Android 4.4 to all the carries at about the same time, and then it depends on the carriers how quickly they start rolling out the update. Those who own unlocked version of the handset will receive the update a bit sooner. 

The exact timeframe of the roll-out is still a mystery. But, we are hooping LG to reveal some more details on the update soon. Currently, Moto X, and all the Nexus devices and Google Play Edition's are running on latest Android OS.

Source - MobileSyrup
Via - GSMArena