4G LTE for smartphones coming soon in Bangalore by Airtel, in 3 weeks

Airtel has announced that they will be releasing 4G LTE support for smartphones in Bangalore before the end this month, actually year. The news was reported by the company via Twitter. Airtel launched 4G LTE services in Pune last year, and earlier this year the company has promised to offer voice services for 4G customers in Pune.


Now, Airtel has revealed that Bangalore mobile customers will be able to enjoy Airtel 4G on LTE enable smartphones in three (3) weeks. No more details are available right now, but we will here more in the next three weeks.

There is no word on what type of service will this be -- Circuit Switched FallBack (CSFB) or voice-over LTE.

To remind you all, Airtel uses TD-LTE to provide 4G services in India. So, consumers in Bangalore will need to have a smartphone with support for TD-LTE to use this service, which unfortunately is not present in India.

Huawei launched the Ascend P1 LTE in India last year in collaboration with Airtel, but the smartphone has not been released yet. 

Source - Airtel
Via - AndroidOS