Mysterious LG smartphone powered by LG's octa-core processor appeared in AnTuTu benchmark

Day before yesterday we reported about LG G3, which is the successor of LG's this year flagship smartphone, the LG G2. The smartphone is reported to arrive with octa-core processor, made by LG itself, and is dubbed as LG Odin. Today, an unnamed LG smartphone running the LG Odin has passed out through AnTuTu benchmark. 


The LG Odin scores close to Samsung Exynos 5410 in AnTuTu, speculating that the Odin is not a true octa-core processor, and maybe a double quad-core processor which uses the same big.LITTLE architecture found on the Exynos 5410.

LG Odin benchmarkMeaning that, unlike MediaTek MT6592 chipset, which allows 8 cores to be active at a single time, the LG Odin will allow only one set of four cores to be active at a single time. The LG Odin scored only 27,184 points on AnTuTu and was clocked at very low speed, 100MHz-1GHz. The GPU listed is the new PowerVR Rouge hood (series 6), the same series that runs the graphics on the Apple iPhone 5S.

According to AnTuTu bechmark, the smartphone that ran the benchmark test comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Full HD (1920x1200p) display, 13MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 2GB RAM and 4GB internal storage. 

Note that the device tested is a prototype and not the final piece which will arrive in the market. Nothing can be confirmed right now, so its better we have a wait and let LG give answer to us.

Source - AnTuTu
Via - PhoneArena