New stocks of Google Nexus 5 features larger speaker & microphone holes and fixed buttons

Google's Nexus 5 is without doubt one of the best smartphone money can buy. Still there are some issues which are clearly visible on Nexus 5. The initial stocks of Nexus 5 comes with smaller speaker and microphone holes and rattling buttons, which LG and Google has addressed, and has started shipping the updated Nexus 5, which features larger speaker & microphone holes and fixed buttons.

revised Nexus 5

These changes are minor manufacturing adjustments that aim to improve upon the build quality of Nexus 5.  The hardware updates were first noticed by an Nexus 5 owner over at the XDA forums, who returned a defective Nexus 5 unit to Google and received a slightly different replacement unit.

The user has posted some photos of new Nexus 5 alongside old Nexus 5, spotlighting the upgrades. As per the images, the power and volume buttons on the new Nexus 5 is no longer loose, and the speaker and microphone grill are larger than before, to give out better sound output/input.

To know whether you have the revised version of Nexus 5 or not, check the serial number of your Nexus 5 box. If the serial number starts with 311, then you are owing the Nexus 5 with upgraded hardware, else not. You can also check the speaker grill for confirmation.

revised Nexus 5revised Nexus 5

Source - XDA Forum