Sony Xperia E2 with LTE support (D2303) appears on AnTuTu scoring 17,853 points, to be released in 2014

Sony announced the Xperia E this year in January at CES 2013 and it was available for sale in India from March on-wards. Now, the company is reported to announce the successor of Xperia E, unsurprisingly called as Sony Xperia E2. The Xperia E2 is reported to get announced in early-2014, with Japan release in Q2 of 2014. Also, an unnamed Sony smartphone with model number D2303 has appeared on AnTuTu.

Sony Xperia E

Unlike Xperia E, the Xperia E2 will come with LTE connectivity. The smartphone will most probably have low-end specs, but better than original Xperia E. The Xperia E has a dual-SIM version, so the new Xperia E2 may also come with support for two SIM cards.

Since, Android 4.4 KitKat does not require high-end specs, we hope Sony announce the E2 with 4.4 on-board. Affordable LTE smartphones will become more and more popular next year, and the Xperia E2 will apparently be one of them.

Sony D2303 AnTuTu listingComing to AnTuTu listing, an unannounced Sony smartphone with model number D2303 has appeared on the measurement result of the AnTuTu benchmark. The device scores only 17,853 points, pointing at the low clock speed of the processor. 

According to Sony's model number rule, in 2014, all the mid-range Sony smartphones will carry the D5xxx numbering scheme, while flagships will go by D6xxx and low end devices will carry the D1xxx/D2xxx schema. The 2013, Sony Xperia smartphones followed this convention except with the C prefix, for eg. C69xx for all Xperia Z1 variant and C15xx for Xperia E variants. In 2015, models will move onto the E prefix, and so on. 

The model number spotted on AnTuTu starts with D2xxx, which clearly points towards low-end Sony Xperia smartphone, so it makes sense to be a low score. Lastly, the number ends with 3, illustrating that the communication system is LTE/W-CDMA/GSM system.

Sony Xperia E2 is rumoured as a low-end smartphone that supports LTE communication. So, it is possible that the D2303 is the LTE variant of Xperia E2.

No more information is available currently, but expect to hear more about the smartphone in the coming days.

Source - Blog of Mobile (AnTuTu) & EMSODM