LG Lifeband Touch press render leaks ahead of CES 2014, LG's first fitness tracker

Last week we reported about LG G3, where, in that post we mentioned the LG's upcoming wearable devices, the LG G-Arch smartwatch and the LG G-Health fitness band. LG has told The Verge that they have no products with such names in development. Beside this news, prolific leaker @evleaks has posted an press image of an unannounced LG wearable device on Twitter on Tuesday.

LG Lifeband Touch

Dubbed as LG Lifeband Touch, the band is reported to debut at CES 2014, which is starting next week. The tweet didn't include any more information on the Lifeband Touch. 

As per the image, the band appears to be a wearable fitness tracker users can place around their wrists. There's also a green circle at the top of the device, which may justify the use of the "touch" branding.

Source - Twitter
Via - The Verge & CNET