LG Optimus G Pro to get QuickWindow cover soon, along with some LG G2 features

With the launch of LG G2, the Korean manufacturer brought a new case for its smartphones, dubbed as QuickWindow cover. Currently the cover is only available for LG G2 and LG Gx, and according to a published report out of Italy, LG will soon be releasing a new QuickWindow cover that is designed exclusively for its Optimus G Pro phablet.

LG Optimus G Pro QuickWindow cover

LG will also bring some cool LG G2 feature to Optimus G Pro. One of the features coming over is the popular KnockOn feature, which allows you to unlock and lock the phone by just double tapping on the screen.

The QuickWindow case for Optimus G Pro will offer all the functionality as the QuickWindow case for LG G2, along with a dedicated interface which will help user operate the smartphone without having to open the case every time. 

As per the report, the update for Optimus G Pro will be rolled out in Korea in the coming days, other regions to get it soon. 

LG Optimus G Pro QuickWindow cover

Source - WebTrek
Via - GSMArena