Samsung to showcase Exynos Infinity processor with 64-bit architecture at MWC in Barcelona

Samsung has always had a thing for its home-grown Exynos processors which it has given its flagship devices to run. The Exynos family of processors has always offered top notch performance and now it is ready to take on the 64 bit unit of the iPhone 5S. Samsung has teased an Exynos Infinity processor to be showcased at the MWC in Barcelona and the processor will be a 64-bit unit in all likelihood.

Exynos Infinity

The upcoming Samsung flagship, Galaxy S5 is rumoured to come shod with a 64-bit processor and the Exynos Infinity might just be the one powering it. Samsung's quad-core 64-bit SoC has been codenamed "GH7" and the same was spotted in a Linux kernel patch some time ago. It was based on ARMv8-A 64-bit architecture. But that is all of what is known about the GH7.

Samsung teasing the Galaxy S5 and Exynos Infinity for the same day are more than being a mere coincidence. Apple started the party by launching a 64-bit chip on the iPhone 5S and already has a considerable lead over its competition. And now that we have a hint about Samsung burning the midnight oil for a 64-bit Exynos CPU, we might just see the company's efforts bearing fruit on the 24th of February.

Other giants such as NVIDIA and Intel have already made their intentions clear about launching 64-bit chips in future and the same will soon start hitting the Launchpad as well. 64-bit seems to be the next major upgrade in terms of performance in the smartphone arena and every juggernaut is ready to join the party.