Google reported to launch an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet later this year

In today’s age when the size of tablets and smartphone is increasing, every company wants to keep pace with times. Google has launched two 7-inch tablets till now and plans on launching a tablet with improved screen size later this year. Earlier reports suggested that Google was planning to launch an 8-inch tablet but the latest word on the street is that it will be an 8.9 inch tablet instead.


Digitimes which has its sources in the supply chain of Google has stated that Google is readying up an 8.9-inches tablet and wants to give the overall screen sizes in the tablet segment an increase. Big-screen tablets account for merely 30 percent and if Google moves towards larger screen tablets, so will other manufacturers.

Samsung has already launched a 12.2 inches tablet which is by far the biggest one on sale currently. Its prime competitor, Apple was due to launch a tablet with a similar screen size but it seems to have put those plans on hold for the time being. Google intends on backing up bigger screen tablets as the size of smartphones is increasing the gap between tablets and smartphones is decreasing.

Digitimes is also reporting that the 8.9-inch tablet will feature a display resolution of more than 2K and would be priced at around $299.

Take this news with a pinch of salt as it is still a rumour. Google usually releases its tablet in Summer and we can expect it to do the same this year as well. The Google I/O event will take place on 25th and 26th of June this year and we believe that will be the perfect time to launch the next Nexus tablet.