LG G3 reported to be waterproof and dustproof

When you spend a huge chunk of money on your flagship smartphone, you wouldn't like if it gets spoilt because of a splash of water or due to a fall in water. Sony started the trend of launching waterproof phones by dunking Xperia Z in water and every flagship from Sony since then has carried on the trend. The Samsung joined the league with S4 Active and then with S5 and it looks like LG will be joining them soon.

LG Optimus GJ

As per the latest word on the street, LG G3, the upcoming flagship will be waterproof.  LG G3 will have to go head on against the recently launched IP67 certified Galaxy S5. And that is not all, the smartphone is expected to be dustproof as well, just life the Sony Xperia Z2. What certification it will come with is still under the wraps.

It actually makes a lot of sense to launch the device with the waterproofing as well as dustproofing because nobody would like their smartphone getting spoilt because of an occasional water splash or sudden rush of dust.

Now the upcoming HTC One with metallic body wouldn't come with any sort of water or dust proof abilities. What remains to be seen is that do the consumers want a water/dust proof flagship device in lieu of a drop dead gorgeous device. Let us how things turn out in future.