More images of Moto 360 emerge, reveals variety of watch bands

Moto 360 is easily going to be the best smartwatch launched till date when it goes on sale. The smartwatch which is based on Android Wear operating system was announced a few days ago and now it has just had some more of its details hit the interweb. To start with, the Moto 360 will surely be a customisable one and will feature the ability to swap bands. There will be a slew of bands being made available from Motorola itself.

Moto 360

The face of the watch will be customisable as well. It will get a purple undercarriage which will be made of hard plastic. On the left side of the watch, there will be a microphone hole for voice commands.

There's a plunger on the right side of the watch which we believe can rotate like the one found on a regular watch. Motorola has done well to ensure that the smartwatch is sleek and classy in nature.

Moto 360Moto 360

And there is an aspect of the software that hasn't been witnessed by now. It will come with a slightly different band and this model of the watch will show the battery percentage with a click alongside a slightly different hardware.

Motorola plans on positioning the watch as a niche fashion device that does a lot more than what a smartwatch can do. Let's wait and watch when Motorola releases new information about the same. We'd surely like the future of wearables to take a positive revision in terms of technology and sales.

Moto 360