Amazon smartphone to include tilt based gesture for easy control and navigation

Amazon is reportedly prepping an Android smartphone and the details regarding the handset were leaked online early this month. Now, more details regarding this smartphone have been revealed by BGR. The report suggests that the phone could see the light of the day in June and interestingly it will come with a feature that will help users to tilt the device in different directions to control it.

Amazon smartphone

The report claims that most of the Amazon applications will come with hidden menu options instead of traditional buttons that will be revealed only when the handset is tilted to the right or left. This way, the Amazon smartphone will come with a slew of features that are impressive and tout an all new navigation method for users to go through the apps and menu.

So for example, if the user tilts the phone to one side while reading a book in the Kindle app, the phone will open the X-Ray menu, which is a reference tool that provides contextual information relevant to whatever the user might be reading at the time.

A tilt in the messaging app while composing a new message will open up a panel with the phone’s camera roll, allowing users to quickly and easily insert a photo. Tilting the phone to one side while using the weather app reveals the extended forecast.

Yet another interesting feature revealed by the report is the phone’s ability to make out the text in images such as signboard and objects that have printed text that have been captured using its primary camera. To convert the printed text from an image to a note, the device uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and other techniques.

Amazon smartphone

Going by the earlier reports, the Amazon smartphone will come with six cameras, of which four at the front combine with the sensors to adjust the position of the screen elements constantly. With this concept, the handset can deliver 3D content on the display according to the perspective of the visuals.

The handset is said to come with a 4.7-inch HD display, 2GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and 13MP rear camera. The smartphone will run on forked version of Android OS, dubbed as Fire OS.

Though there is no word on the specific launch date of the Amazon smartphone, but previous reports claims that the smartphone would get announced in June with September release.