Images of first Amazon smartphone with 3D display and 6 cameras leaked online

The tech world has witnessed several reports regarding the rumored Amazon smartphone, but none served to be concrete evidence for to prove the existence of the device. A recent report from BGR that let out the first images of the alleged Amazon smartphone has brought in some light to the topic. Well, as per the images that have been leaked, the rumored Amazon smartphone could arrive with a 3D display.

Amazon smartphone

Nothing much about the design of the handset is known as it appears to be covered by a protective casing to keep it concealed. However, these images do confirm the presence of multiple cameras at the front of the handset.

Going by the report, the Amazon smartphone is said to pack six cameras including the usual front and rear cameras. The four other cameras are low power infrared ones and that combine with the sensors on the phone to adjust the position of the screen elements constantly. With this concept, the handset can deliver 3D content on the display according to the perspective of the visuals.

Amazon smartphone

The other details pertaining to the Amazon smartphone include a 4.7-inch HD 720p display, 2GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and a 13MP camera at the rear. The smartphone will run on forked version of Android OS, dubbed as Fire OS.

It is also said that Amazon is in talks with the developers to design applications that can be run on the 3D display and interface of the handset.

Though there is no word on the specific launch date of the Amazon smartphone, but previous reports claims that this smartphone with 3D display and six cameras would get announced in June with September release. Also, the BGR report states that the 3D smartphone will be followed by a budget phone that is in the pipeline.

Amazon smartphone