Google’s premium Android Silver program pegged to arrive by 2015, will replace the Nexus family

Earlier this month, reports about Android Silver were gushing in suggesting that the concept will enable Google and its partners to utilize premium materials. This way, the search engine giant can select high-end Android phones boasting standardized software. As per a new report from The Information, this program is underway and it is aimed to outdo the iPhone dominating the smartphone market.

Android Silver

It was believed that with the Android Silver program Google will be able to enhance the customer support, but the latest report suggests that the firm can gain more control of the Android ecosystem and create a Nexus style program that can reach a large user base with the support of retail channels, OEMs and carriers. Meaning that the search giant will replace the Nexus family with a new family of high-end devices called Android Silver.

The report also details the highlights of Android Silver program. With the Android Silver program replacing the Nexus program, the phones will receive prompt software updates and feature top-tier hardware. Also, the Silver phones are said to be launched in US, Germany and Japan by 2015.

Apart from software enhancements, the Silver phones are also expected to come with waterproofing and advanced aspects such as voice recognition. It appears like Google wants to win back the control over Android operating system that is dominated heavily by Samsung these days.